What do you know about Iraqi Chocolate and Biscuits Market?

Sweet snacks are one of the most popular foods in the world and are mostly sold in different types. Most people all around the world are very interested in chocolate and its taste.

Global chocolate market is usually divided based on the type and the category, which is based on the origin of the chocolate could be dark, milk and white chocolate.

 Every country has its own unique way of preparing and producing chocolate, there are many brands in the chocolate industry in the world, try to introduce the best and most delicious chocolates to the world. Among all Belgium, Switzerland and France have a special reputation in chocolate production industry in the world.

  • Belgian Chocolate: The percentage of cocoa in Belgian chocolate is higher than elsewhere. In addition to that, Belgian chocolates contain 100% cocoa butter.
  • Swiss Chocolate: This country is known for the invention of milk chocolate along with centuries of expertise and a reputation for high quality standards to this day. It’s worth to mention that more than 70% of all produced chocolate pin Switzerland is exported.
  • French Chocolate: French chocolate industry is famous for producing dark chocolate. Also French chocolate has a thinner shell that melts easily on the tongue.

Sweet treats and on top of it, different types of chocolate are very popular among Iraqi people and they mostly used in special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays, Christmas, Easter and etc.

Iraq is an importer of biscuit and chocolate from different countries. Iraqi consumers are very interested in sweet snacks therefore eat biscuits and chocolate products more than four times a week on average. Iraqis mostly maintain their loyalty to the brands they choose and are hardly want to change the brands they used often. These products import to Iraq from different origins, the largest amount of chocolate imports to Iraq belong to the following countries, which account for 85% of the Iraqi market.

  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Ukraine
  • Emirates
  • Russia

Turkey and Iran are competing to make the sweet snacks market in Iraq for themselves, but Turkey has a larger market share than Iran. In general, Turkish and Emirati brands are more popular in cities such as Baghdad and Kurdish regions, and Iranian brands are also popular in Shiite cities and southern provinces of Iraq.

KitKat, Nutella and Snickers are top 3 most popular brands among Iraqi people. It should be pointed out that Kit Kat has many fans among wafer chocolates, and in general, it is the main leader of biscuit and chocolate products in Iraq by its good quality and high sales, and Nutella and Snickers brands are in the next ranks. These brands usually import to Iraq from UAE and Turkey and are more popular among Iraqi youth.

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