Which countries are the biggest buyers of Baghdad and Erbil oil?

A non-governmental organization announced that China is the biggest buyer of oil from Baghdad and Greece is the biggest buyer of oil from Erbil.
According to “NAS”, the Ronbin Organization, which is a non-governmental center active in clarifying oil and gas cases, Iraq has sold more than 112 million and 600 thousand barrels of oil through the Sumo Company and the Iraqi Kurdistan State Government.
According to this report, China is the largest buyer of oil for the Iraqi central government with the purchase of 33.6 million barrels of oil, followed by India with 26.3 million barrels of oil and the United States with 6.8 million barrels.
On the other hand, Greece is the largest oil customer of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, followed by Italy with 2.29 million barrels and the United Arab Emirates with 748 thousand barrels.

NAS News

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