GIIRAC (Global Ideal International Research and Consulting) is a market research company that provides clients with quantitative data collection, qualitative research, market plans, and strategies in Arab countries. 

We work directly with different industries and market segments across Arab countries. Our knowledge and experience in market intelligence allow us to solve the issues of our clients. Our geographical reach and political, legal, and cultural familiarity with Arab countries is a welcome addition to our expertise.

We are the market research department of Al-Rafedain holdings. We started our activities in Iraq in 2008. Our team consists of professional researchers and trained members in target countries and we offer our services for more than 20 product categories including the automotive industry, cosmetics, foodstuffs, agricultural products, construction materials, and information technology.
By our marketing consulting services we help our clients address their marketing problems, especially in fields where they do not have sufficient market experience. In today’s world, timely market information is a critical success factor that can be provided by our marketing consultants and their practical B2B and B2C practical approaches
 css_animation=”fadeInRight”]Our company helps clients develop their businesses in especially emerging markets focused on delivering products and services to end customers and desirable ROI to companies. In our research team, experienced researchers with diverse scientific abilities provide you with critical market insights that can affect your business development. We conduct primary and secondary market research to the highest international professional standards. Precise insights and appropriate marketing strategies in your target country can be important for exploiting opportunities.

Our company makes necessary suggestions for your activities in the target market by conducting telephone interviews, in-depth interviews, focus group meetings, and data analysis. We combine broad knowledge with market intelligence expertise and marketing consulting to help you decide on entering a new market and developing your business. We help you settle your marketing plans