An Overview of LED Lamp Market of Iraq

There are many various companies that sell products of all shapes and sizes on the global lighting market. The lamp market is being driven forward by the rising use of lamps in numerous domestic and international uses, including: commercial, residential, industrial, cars, and highways. The following variables affect the demand for and expansion of the global LED lamp market:

  • Higher energy efficiency with low maintenance cost
  • Less energy consumption than conventional lamps
  • Increasing the average lifespan of LED lamps (between 6 and 12 years) compared to conventional lamps
  • Easy availability of LED lamps in various color combinations and high consumer interest

In Iraq, LED light use is also very prevalent. Due to the numerous wars and sanctions, this nation lacks the infrastructure necessary to supply electricity, which causes frequent power outages both during the day and at night. As a result, consumers prefer to use lamps because energy is so expensive. Use LEDs with minimal power consumption. Additionally, the sellers also advise purchasing LED lights with voltages of 40 to 60 watts, which account for more than 80% of those used in Iraq.

The following are the top sellers and suggestions for home lighting products, as determined by the findings of different studies:

  • UK Line
  • Titan
  • Alfayha

Uk Line brand with a share of over 90% and Titan and Alfayha brands are the most expensive brands made in China.

The majority of the products sold on the market are typically Chinese and frequently come with a warranty. However, based on the findings, the sellers appear to be reducing the guarantees. For instance, the vendor will only stand behind a product with a one-year or six-month warranty. Because of Iraq’s fluctuating power supply, these lamps fail at a very high rate, which makes it difficult for sellers to offer warranties. China frequently has a bigger influence on the market for substantial goods in Iraq than other nations do. According to the study, Chinese brands have taken over about 90 Iraqi markets for LED lamps and other home lighting accessories.

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