An Overview of the Air Conditioning Products Market of Iraq

Iraq doesn’t generally have any well-known makers of cooling goods. Although some Iraqi businesses manufacture goods like water coolers and plastic coolers, these goods lack recognizable trademarks.

One of the most competitive markets for household appliances in Iraq is metal water coolers. We can mention dumping, copying of active products, and a very high level of competitiveness as some of this market’s traits. The majority of these devices come with a manufacturer’s guarantee that lasts at least a year. Other well-known home appliance brands are not present in the Iraqi market for water coolers because Iran and China are the countries with the most active water cooler brands.

The onset of the hot season and the changing of seasons are the main factors influencing the demand for water coolers. Due to this, the retail sale of water coolers starts to climb with the start of the warm season and doesn’t stop until the beginning of the fall. The demand for water coolers is higher in the south and west than it is in the north and northeast. Because of the high cost of power, water coolers are frequently purchased by people, however many are unsatisfied with this kind of cooler. Warranty, competent after-sales service, and water cooler consumption are all major considerations for buyers when selecting a device.

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