Turkey is a country located mainly in Western Asia, with a small portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. Istanbul is its largest city and financial center and Ankara is Turkey’s capital. It shares borders with the Black Sea to the north; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran to the east; Iraq to the southeast; Syria and the Mediterranean Sea to the south; the Aegean Sea to the west; and Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest.

The majority of the population are Turks and Kurds are the largest minority. Turkey is a secular state with no official state religion, while Islam is the dominant religion in Turkey.

Turkey’s main exports are machinery and transport equipment; manufactured goods; miscellaneous manufactured articles such as apparel and clothing accessories; food and live animals. Turkey’s main export partners are Germany; the UK, the UAE, Iraq, the USA; Italy; France, and Spain.

Turkey’s main imports are road vehicles electrical machinery, apparatus, and appliances, iron, and steel; mineral fuels, lubricants, petroleum, and petroleum products; chemicals and related products; gold; miscellaneous manufactured articles; and food and live animals. The country’s main import partners are China; Germany; Russia; the US and Italy; France, Iran, Switzerland, South Korea, the UK, Spain, and India.