Different Kinds of Imported Soap into Iraq and The Usual Country of Origin

Various kinds of soaps have their own market share. As is seen in below pie chart, Toilet soap has the biggest share of the market in Iraq. This kind of soap has allocated about half of the share of imported soap in Iraq, and after that disinfectant soap has been the most used soap in Iraq.

Some of the countries of origin of imported soap in Iraq are listed below.

CommoditySome Of the Usual countries of Origin
Medicated soapIran
Shaving soapIndia
Disinfectant soapJordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, European Union, China, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia Malaysia, Kazakhstan, United States of America
Toilet soapJordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Germany, European Union, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States of America
Soap in the form of powderSaudi Arabia, European Union, China
Soap in the form of aqueous solutions (liquids)Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, European Union, China, Turkey, Iran, India, Indonesia, Malaysia
Soap in the form of pasteJordan, Lebanon, China
Other soapUnited Arab, United Kingdom, Italy, European Union, China, Turkey, Iran, India, United States of America

Imported Detergents into Iraq

Detergents (Surface-Active Agents) are categorized into two major groups- Dry-Powder and Fluid. As can be seen, Jordan has had the biggest share of imported detergents in Iraq followed by China.

Soap and Detergents Advertising and Branding in Iraq

Big malls and chain stores are the best places for marketing soap and detergent products. Managers of these stores are the most important person for negotiation. They prefer products with the most profit and free promotional product samples are one of the most effective ways of marketing in Iraq

Also, there can be promoters who try to make a product more popular in stores to promote and advertise the products.

Factors influencing Consumers’ Soap Buying Behavior in Iraq

Scent and packaging are the two most important factors affecting consumers’ soap and detergent buying behavior in Iraq.

These days, the packaging is more important for Iraqi consumers. In the past, they usually bought soap in packaging boxes, but they are more sensitive to packaging, and they choose single packaged soap with more unique designs. Also, it is better to design packages in the country-of-origin languages. Because this gives them a more luxurious sense.

Considering detergents, people prefer smaller packages as they are less expensive in comparison with large packages. Hence, there should be a variety of packing weights for detergents.

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