According to Al-Khalij Online, according to the list recently published by the American magazine “CEO World”, the United Arab Emirates is at the top of the list of the Arab world, while it ranks fifth in the world and is the only country in the region among the ten.
The average net monthly salary in the UAE, according to the list, was $3,663.27, surpassing all European countries except Switzerland and all Asian countries except Singapore.
In second place in the Arab world, Qatar ranked 11th in the world with an average monthly salary of $3168.05, followed by Saudi Arabia in the third and twenty-fifth places in the world with an average of $1888.68.
The American magazine has calculated the average net monthly salary in different countries of the world after deducting and comparing the income in some of the richest and least-income countries.

الخلیج أونلاین

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